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Features of the New CruiserWorks™ Boots

Many customers have been asking about the new CruiserWorks™ Boots and wondering how they are different from the older boot version.

The new CruiserWorks™ Boots are made in the USA, as are all the pieces that go into the boot itself. We, at CruiserWorks™, have been working closely with our new manufacturing partner, the ISO 9001 certified company Weinbrenner USA, to upgrade the boots’ components, ensuring the highest standard boot for our customers. 

CruiserWorks™ Boots have a sleek and functional design, but we now use premium materials to guarantee quality, comfort, and many years of durability. The new CruiserWorks™ Boots look better, feel better, and truly wear better.

CruiserWorks™ Boots are now made of Yukon Gold Leather, an American-made premium material that is light and supple, with a sturdy construction for your individual needs.

CruiserWorks™ Boots have air-injected, moisture wicking insoles that are antibacterial, odor-resistant, keep feet cool during warm weather, warm during cold weather, and are water resistant.

CruiserWorks™ Boots also have a new footbed design similar to ski boots. The footbed is a high density, highly compressed material that gives the boot rigidity and a much higher level of strength and comfort providing much needed safety protection than in previous footbed designs. The extra-strong fiberboard footbed dampens the effects of vibration and adds support, cushioning, and stability when walking on uneven terrain. With a  V-grip sole design to grip loose sand, gravel, and similar surfaces, the 90-degree heel styling hangs comfortable on bike pegs while remaining comfortable for walking, hiking, or working.

CruiserWorks™ is using better materials to make a better boot for our customers that will last for years to come.

Posted: 8/29/2011 7:50:09 AM | with 1 comments

Women are riding their own motorcycles in record numbers. They need boots too (as do passengers) Any plans to release a women's boot?
9/19/2011 8:56:34 AM
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