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Blog > July 2012 > Are CruiserWorks boots waterproof???

Are CruiserWorks boots waterproof???

Peter Gingras and Mel answer the "waterproof" question........ Are CruiserWorks boots waterproof???

Peter & Tel Gingras, Lincoln RI
I began my search for a truly waterproof motorcycle boot after experiencing soaking wet feet after riding in the pouring rain for hours on the way to Americade 2008. My search led me to numerous reviews and forums pointing to one product, Cruiserworks! Both my wife (Tel) and I had new boots and I’m not one to purchase footwear online so I made a note of it and moved on. At Americade 2009 the next year we had the good fortune of stumbling onto the Cruiserworks booth. I explained that we would love to try their boots but it would be a hard sell having just purchased new boots several months ago. A demo of the boot had them partially submerges in a fish tank with a guarantee to be waterproof. We were encouraged to try them on. I tried the Classic and my Tel the Lady Zip. My first impression was, Ok, who put the slippers on my feet! Well it was unanimous, both Tel and I agreed that the Cruiserworks boots were the lightest and most comfortable boots we had ever worn. We were told to try them out, walk around in them for a while and if we didn’t like them bring them back! What kind of complain does that? One that has complete confidence in their product! We did and we loved them! Of course we come back, and purchased the boots and CruiserWorks graciously shipped our old boots and sneakers back home. We did experience some initial heel slippage but that firmed up during a very comfortable break-in period just as we were told. 

In 2010 we spent four days riding in the pouring rain on yet another trip to Americade; the only part of Tel and I that stayed dry was our feet! I read a quote in an article that said “Motorcycle boots are not comfortable for walking,” it’s obvious they didn’t own a pair of Cruiserworks boots!
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