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Blog > July 2013 > Cruiserworks Is On The Move!

Cruiserworks Is On The Move!

Here at Cruiserworks we are very excited to announce that we are just days away from the completion of our new corporate headquarters. After a very busy spring the construction is in its final days and we will be receiving the keys within the week. The new building is located in the Kress Plaza in the heart of historic downtown Salisbury. The building is already loaded with inventory and full operation is just days away. We are excited for this new opportunity and look forward to what the future holds for Cruiserworks. 

The Kress Plaza, located in downtown Salisbury North Carolina was originally built in 1910. It was home to S.H. Kress & Co. a 
five-and-dime store chain with locations across the country. The first Kress store was opened in 1896 by owner Samuel Kress. The architecture of these buildings across the country are very unique and intricate thanks to Mr. Kress as his passion for art. He was an art collector himself and admirer of fine architecture. Because of this he took great pride in building very elaborate buildings that were ahead of their time and nicer than buildings in the surrounding area. Most of the stores, like this one, were located in the heart of the town as he viewed them as a gift to the town due to their beauty. Kress was bought out in 1964 and slowly liquidated until the final closing in 1981.

Now after sitting vacant for many years, this beautiful building has been completely restored and given a new life with this project. It is a very unique piece of American history and we paid very close attention to the history of the building in attempts to preserve the this historic building. It still holds many of its original characteristics including the original neon 
sign, light fixtures, and floors. The neon sign no longer hangs outside but has been mounted inside the building to further preserve it from the elements. The light fixtures are the original lights which have been cleaned and restored along with the floors. That being said we have also made a few changes to modernize the building and make it our own.

The basement is already loaded with a substantial boot inventory and the rest of our products will be making the move this week. With this new facility we will be able to operate more efficiently and better connect with our customers. We also hope to move the company forward after such a busy year with so many changes happening around us. This new building is just the next step towards better serving you and keeping you safe out on the road. With full operation just days away things are becoming even more hectic but the end is in sight. We are excited for this new opportunity and look forward to what the future holds for Cruiserworks!!

Cruise on and be careful out there!!!!

David, Skip, Jane and the entire Cruiserworks team!!!


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