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College Student Builds Electric Motorcycle



Young man might be a better term than boy, but he certainly is a genius, and after you see how he constructed his very own 48-volt electric motorcycle, you will agree. The video clip tracks the young inventor’s progress from the day he begins tearing down a standard motorcycle, until the magic moment, eight months later, when he is ready to demonstrate the astounding creation. The teardown took up a good portion of the early phase, with the build itself taking about five months in total.

To answer the most common two questions first, the bike’s range is 25 miles and the top speed is 50 mph. As you see in the clip, the road-worthy vehicle really zips along on a crisp winter morning, and even has enough power to burn a little rubber. As its designer and owner states, the bike is powerful enough to burn rubber until the batteries run down. The original combustion bike it was built from didn’t burn anything but gasoline.

For the mechanically inclined, and hardcore do-it-yourselfers, the full-time college student, who constructed this thing entirely in his spare time, used four BB EB50-12 batteries, an Alltrax 4865 motor controller, an Etek-R brushed DC electric motor, an Allbright contactor, a Magura 0-5k potentiometer throttle, and a 25-amp quick-charge charger. (Just in case you want to head to the garage and try to replicate his feat).

The young mastermind who conceived, planned, designed, and built this gorgeous little machine is currently a college student who, we hope, is majoring in engineering. If not, then some other field of study is gaining a razor-sharp mind and a brilliant engineer. With the current surge in popularity of electric motorbikes and scooters, there are plenty of kits available for those who want to try their hand at building an electric conveyance.

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