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Rio Rider: Living the Dream


One morning last year I comped out from work and took myself a little jaunt west to the Mississippi through counties I don't usually get to. I had stopped for breakfast in Stronghurst at a small cafe and as I was getting ready to leave after some good biscuits and gravy, one of a group of male senior citizens I had noted having coffee at another table came up to me outside as I fiddled with a glove. He complimented me on my Yamaha FJR and before too long I was admiring his own immaculate late model Harley full dresser in a nice burgundy color he had parked just around the other side of the building.

Yep, I rode it out to Colorado and back last year. Not bad for a guy who is 73.”

He said it with a modest grin. I agreed. As we talked further it seemed he was a retired farmer and he had been having a few minor health problems last summer and he just decided he wanted to ride to Colorado and visit for a week with his son. He had always dreamed of making a long trip on a motorcycle and despite the protests of his wife he went ahead and did it.

I took it easy and stopped when ever I felt like it and got a motel usually around 4 or 5 PM. It took a few days but really went well.”

He said he had always had a bike but had never gone on a long trip by himself. We chatted a few more minutes before going our separate ways. Age 73, bucking a wife's disapproval and maybe a health issue or two to ride out to Colorado and back on a bike because you want to. Good for him.


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