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The Ducati 750SS- Bike Review

Classic elegance and unforgettable performance.

Pronounced a "Greyhound" by Motorcycle Sport magazine, the release of the Ducati 750SS in 1973 ushered in a new era of sports bike handling and performance. In fact, it could be said this motorcycle was more than a match against any comparable model from other manufacturers.

Italian motorcycle makers have always followed their own path in terms of style and design, and Ducati is no different. The 750SS was Ducati's first venture into the production of a large engine sports bike. It may have been a natural stepping stone in design from Ducati's own GT model, but some hold the opinion that Ducati designers may have collected parts from the famous Dell'Orto catalogue utilizing many fiber-glass odds and ends, even the fuel tank.

The Honda CB750 and Suzuki GT750 had already set the standard in terms of performance and handling when the SS was released. But, with a top speed of 124mph it could easily compete on the same level. What's really important, regardless of how it came to be, the 750SS showed itself to be a very worthy predecessor to the highly successful 900SS released two years later in 1975.

Typical of Ducati's signature style were the rear mounted footrests and clip-on handlebars. Clearly a cutting edge sport bike, these features pressed the boundaries of design for production sport bikes, and gave the 750SS a distinctive posture that was unique among motorcycles at that time. It's stunning looks were accentuated by its racing seat and optional "bubble" fairing. The exagerated forward riding postion places a great deal of stress on the riders wrists and neck, so riding this bike requires some getting used. But the thrills of speed and handling make it worth the effort.


The 750SS was especially suited to handling very tight turning situations such as switch back curves. Ducati designed a bike that was built for corners and acceleration, even when matched against more powerful bikes. It enjoyed a well deserved reputation as the best handling sport bike, and the best all around cafe style racer of it's kind.


2006 Ducati Paul Smart 750SS            2006 Ducati Sport Classic 750SS
Ducati Stock Photos


Ducati halted production in 1974. It may have been ahead of it's time, or simply considered too exotic for the time. But, the story doesn't end there. In 2006, Ducati re-introduced a "retro" model of the 750SS. They smoothed out the design, and used updated technology. And, once again, it remained in production for only one year. We can hope that someday Ducati will add this bike to their standard production line so it can take it's place alongside the other popular cafe style models being manufactured today.

Review source: http://www.cafemotorcycles.com/cafe-spotlight/the-ducati-750ss

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