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Blog > May 2012 > These Boots were made for……………. by Skip Wood

These Boots were made for……………. by Skip Wood

The iconic song, “The Boots were Made for Walking” always come to mind when I think about my impressionable youth. Nancy Sinatra’s song struck several chords and remain one of those songs that stay in your mind when you hear it. Even Jessica Simpson’s remake of the song a few years ago did the song justice.

But, with age, wisdom is supposed to emerge. YES, thousands of CruiserWorks boots are worn daily because of their comfort. I can’t count the number of conversations I have with customers who talk about only requiring one pair of footwear when they travel. The space saved and comfort riding and walking are unsurpassed. Frankly, it’s one of the top 3 reasons folks purchase our boots. We have men and women who wear the boots in their daily activities, many claiming they choose their boots for everyday wear, even to work sometimes.,


But, I digress. When Mr. Turner sent this picture, it was a sober reminder of another aspect of our boots. Or, for that matter, any boots. We all know far too many folks who have had accidents and experienced injury or worse. We have also seen too many riders in shorts, tennis shoes, loose clothing, etc. I just cringe every time I see someone like that. Footwear and tires are the “front line of defense” when we ride. These are the only 4 points of contact designed to interact with road surfaces. Yet, far too often, we spend more money and time on tires and rarely think through footwear as being as important.


CruiserWorks cannot make any claims to reduce injury by a certain percentage. Lawyers would love it. But, neither can a tire manufacturer. We can and do work hard to make the best boot possible. Quality construction, quality materials, like Kevlar and top grade leather, and a quality control process are all significant contributors to rider safety. We take this seriously and Mr. Turner’s experience is a good reminder.


While “These Boots Were for Walking” was a great song, our boots are that and more. Riding is fun, comfort is important, staying dry is necessary but being as prepared as possible for bad things is CRITICAL. I appreciate Mr Turner reminding me and allowed me to reflect on another reason selling boots is more than a transaction. 

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