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While CruiserWorks sells the best motorcycle boots on the market, we are more than that. We are a service company. Our job is to serve you and hopefully exceed you expectations. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. And, more than likely, it may be important to other CruiserWorks customers and friends. So, after hearing feedback from you, we have created a forum so you can help us serve you better. Your needs are what has driven the success of the CruiserWorks brand and we are simply caretakers, always striving to be the best. 

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2WheelJon - 7/16/2012 8:20:48 PM
It's not my problem
My first pair of Cruiserworks, made by the original owners, lasted ten years.  They were the best pair of boots I ever had.  When they finally wore out I bought another pair from the company.  Same name but new owners.  And these boots were crap.  Leaked within a year of purchasing them and at that with minimum wear.  So I called the company, now with its new (count 'em, third) owners and they said sorry, its' not our problem.  The boots were made by the prior company's owners and the new owners are responsible for their problems.

So, I figure, how long until the current owners go belly up and another bunch buys the company.  That's why I bought a pair of Tour Master boots -- and they're great.

(Moderator -- if you don't want to post a critical comment I guess that's your choice.  But if that's the case don't bother me with more emails -- unsubcribe this very disappointed customer.)

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Skip-Owner - 7/17/2012 10:07:17 AM
RE:It's not my problem


Sure, I’ll post it. I don’t want a “fluff” forum and I’ll be happy to remove you from the mailing list. Shoot me an email at and I’ll be happy to do as you choose. I am sure the former owners appreciate your business and sorry if I will not have the opportunity to serve you. To your comments, I will offer the following:

1.      Tour Master Boots are great. I tend to be biased about mine but I can appreciate another quality product.

2.      I am actually owner #4, to be factual. I will NOT speak disparagingly about former owners or the quality of their product. I know them personally and they put their heart and soul into CruiserWorks and my Momma raised me not to speak poorly of others. I believe the fact that I bought the company from the US Bankruptcy Courts speaks for itself. Bad things happen to good people. If you are not aware, the Bankruptcy process is very formal, very public and very fair to any and all creditors, vendors, customers or other parties who have claims or concerns about company issues. By LAW (and morally as far as I am concerned), the public process is done so that everyone has a chance to have their claims heard and addressed. The purchaser (ME) is given 100% clean title to any company that is purchased.

3.      I am aware that there were some quality issues, hence, why I moved production back to the USA and aligned myself with for the production of MY new boots. I also know that thousands of customers were very happy with the former owners boots so they are NOT “all crap”

4.      Your argument that “same name but new owners” just doesn’t wash. Based on your rationale, the used Goldwing I bought from you that blows a tire 2 months later can be billed back to you…..doubtfull???? If so, please let me know when you sell something. I’ll buy it. Not trying to be a smart ass. I just don’t agree……… I am NOT responsible.

5.      I am truly sorry you had a bad experience. I have fielded a few similar calls and issues over the last year and have simply asked that we not be judged by “others’ sins of the past”. I believe if you Google me, you will clearly see that I have the experience, horsepower and integrity to make sure that there is no “Owner #5”. I left a 23 year career because I wanted to rebuild a GREAT name and boot. I have the experience and the cash to take the time to do it right and do it for the right reasons. I like feeding my kids but I like going to bed at night feeling like I served the best I could.

Lastly, I am 100% committed to restoring CruiserWorks to its previous glory. We have an awesome product, Made in the USA, great service and we are growing slowly and methodically. We will add new styles and products as the market demands and we are here for the long haul. Be safe on the road!!!

Skip Wood, owner and Chief Boot Guy