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While CruiserWorks sells the best motorcycle boots on the market, we are more than that. We are a service company. Our job is to serve you and hopefully exceed you expectations. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. And, more than likely, it may be important to other CruiserWorks customers and friends. So, after hearing feedback from you, we have created a forum so you can help us serve you better. Your needs are what has driven the success of the CruiserWorks brand and we are simply caretakers, always striving to be the best. 

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BimmerBiker - 7/18/2012 5:29:40 AM
boot sizing/where can I try them on
I am very interested in your boots. I have friends who swear by them. I have never bought boots online and would prefer to try them on. What retailers carry your boots?

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Skip-Owner - 7/18/2012 8:33:41 AM
RE:boot sizing/where can I try them on


We get 3-5 calls a day from new and existing customers about this. Some general comments regarding your question:

·        I have been hesitant to sell through a dealer network thus far. Oddly enough, it has very little to do with greed. It has everything to do with quality and service control. Due to some issues related to previous owner, I have been reluctant to expand our distribution, wanting ALL calls and sales coming through us at It gives us 100% of the feedback and allows us to hear comments, questions and recommendations on building back the brand.

·        We have begun, in the last 30 days, entertaining some respected and independent dealers. These dealers are primarily in the southeast and mid-west. When and if we do signup, we’ll let everyone know.

·        We are about 90% of the way done setting up an agreement with one of the larger footwear online dealers. We have been talking for months and I feel very good about their commitment to quality and think we’ll have a great partnership. More news on that when its finalized.

·        When we decided to sell online, we knew that we would need to do a lot of “hand holding” and invest a fair amount of time and energy to talk through the purchase, sizing and create comfort for purchasing online.

·        We can take the order over the phone and we ship out daily.

·        I understand that purchasing footwear online is relatively new for many of our customers. By making exchanges easy, not charging a restocking fee and our liberal return policy, we hope we have simplified the process.

·        My wife, bless her soul, actually is the one who made ME comfortable with online footwear purchasing. Like anyone, her foot and sizing needs can vary so she has adopted the “buy 3, return 2” strategy for many of her purchases. I am not suggesting that for everyone but it does make some sense and she chooses to do business with easy and friendly folks……. Hopefully, we have mimicked that approach.

·        If someone is interested enough to call us, we can talk through unique foot issues and we get the sizing right 75% of the time. For the other 25%, we simply exchange the boots and folks end up happy.

Hope this helps answer the questions and gives you some comfort. Call us. Let us make it pain free and simple.