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While CruiserWorks sells the best motorcycle boots on the market, we are more than that. We are a service company. Our job is to serve you and hopefully exceed you expectations. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. And, more than likely, it may be important to other CruiserWorks customers and friends. So, after hearing feedback from you, we have created a forum so you can help us serve you better. Your needs are what has driven the success of the CruiserWorks brand and we are simply caretakers, always striving to be the best. 

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MN Ultra - 4/15/2015 9:42:22 PM
Dennis Kirk
I am looking at a pair of the touring boots at the Dennis Kirk site.  It seems that they do not carry all the sizes.  Example I am would need 10 1/2 wide and Dennis Kirk has size10 then it goes to 11 no 10 1/2's.  Any plans on changing this?
Thank you!
MN Ultra

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davidj - 4/16/2015 7:03:26 AM
RE:Dennis Kirk
We actually just sent Dennis Kirk a restocking order earlier this week with this size. They should be available on their website soon.