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CruiserWorks™ Men's Classic Boots

CruiserWorks™ Men's Classic Boots


50’s style meets modern technology in this weather-resistant, engineer style boot with rustproof, nickel-plated hardware.

  • • 100% Made in America by an ISO 9000 manufacturing process.
  • • Waterproof guarantee with proper care and recommended boot dressing
  • • Ride and walk for hours of comfort and stability. No need to carry additional foot wear.
  • • Stylish and functional ankle buckle and upper buckle- Adjustable
  • • Two expandable gussets for an easy fit
  • • Kevlar fabric sewn into the heel section of each boot to provides additional protection for you ankle.
  • • High quality Yukon Gold leather provides durability and comfort. Natural leather breathes, giving you many years of riding comfort and a molded fit, 
  • in all weather conditions.
  • • TPU Outsoles are the highest quality outsoles, maximizing durability, traction and oil/chemical resistance.  Bi-Fit mid-soles provide superior one piece arch support for maximum comfort and flexibility without compromising structural integrity of the foot bed
  • • Our exclusively cemented outsole allows the boots to be resoled, ensuring a long lasting boot for years of molded comfort to your feet. This feature increases the life of  the boot and significantly reduces your annual footwear costs.
DIMENSIONS (size 11):
Heel Height: 1  in.
Overall Height: 12 in.
Upper Height: 11 in.
   Age       Adult
   Color      Black
   Gender   Male
   Type      Cruiser/Touring
Total price (without tax): $325.00

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