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CruiserWorks™ Men's Side Zip Boots

CruiserWorks™ Men's Side Zip Boots


Like the Classic and Tour boots, this weather-resistant, Side Zip style offers the ease of foot entry. For customers who have very high arches and have difficulty getting the Classic or Tour boot on this style is effortless to put on and take off. These Side Zip boots are also easy to clean and maintain.

100% Made in America by an ISO 9000 manufacturing process.

Waterproof guarantee with proper care and recommended boot dressing

Ride and walk for hours of comfort and stability. No need to carry additional footwear

Tour boot style with durable side zip AND fully enclosed boot cavity for additional weather proofing.

Two expandable gussets for an easy fit

Kevlar fabric sewn into the heel section of each boot to provides additional protection for you ankle.

High quality Yukon Gold leather provides durability and comfort. Natural leather breathes, giving you many years of riding comfort and a molded fit, in all weather conditions.

TPU Outsoles are the highest quality outsoles, maximizing durability, traction and oil/chemical resistance. 

Bi-Fit mid-soles provide superior one piece arch support for maximum comfort and flexibility without compromising structural integrity of the foot bed.

Our exclusively cemented outsole allows the boots to be resoled, ensuring a long lasting boot for years of molded comfort to your feet. This feature increases the life of the boot and significantly reduces your annual footwear costs.

DIMENSIONS (size 11):
Heel Height: 1  in.
Overall Height: 12 in.
Upper Height: 11 in.
   Age       Adult
   Color      Black
   Gender   Male
   Type      Cruiser/Touring
Total price (without tax): $325.00

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