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Blog > February 2013 > CruiserWorks is Getting Ready for Spring!

CruiserWorks is Getting Ready for Spring!

Even though a lot of the northern states are still dealing with snow and cold weather here at CruiserWorks we have warmer weather on our minds. About this time of the year is when a lot of people really start getting the strong urge to break out the bike and go for a ride. In order to make sure your first ride of the spring is an enjoyable one you really should consider going over your bike closely before hand. These are just a few things that you might want to think about before that first ride of the year. 


New Gas - Gas that has been stored in your bike all winter really should be replaced. Old gas can damage the different components of your engine. 


Fluids - make sure you check all of the fluids to ensure not only that the levels are correct but they are still in good enough shape to perform their task. 


Tires - check to make sure your tires have the recommended pressure and do not show any signs of damage or unusual wear. 


Battery - like the old saying "Use it or Lose it" if you haven't used your battery in several months it is probably dead. Make sure to use a trickle charger to try and bring it back to life. 


Lights - make sure that all of your lights on your bike are working properly. 


All of these things and much more are very important to make sure your first ride of the year is safe, enjoyable and without mechanical issues. If you do not have the skills to make sure all of these things are done properly we strongly suggest using an experienced mechanic. 


Gear - depending on how experienced and determined you are will determine how extreme you get with your gear. Your gear should match the type of riding you plan on doing. This could range from fair weather Sunday rides to all out 5,000 mile trips rain or shine.  


Fortunately CruiserWorks boots can fill the need of just about any riding style. On Sunday rides the boots are not only comfortable to ride in but unlike some riding boots they are also very comfortable to walking around town. For the long distance rider once again they are comfortable to ride in but also provide you great protection from the elements. 


Cruise on and be careful out there!!!!


David, Skip, Jane and the entire CruiserWorks team!!!


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