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Rio Rider: Milnesand, New Mexico


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The post office in Milnesand, N.M.

I like funny little out of the way places and Milnesand, New Mexico, is one of them.

I had been working my way up the Texas-New Mexico state line on my Yamaha FJR in March of 08 successfully avoiding busy highways because there weren't any and riding all day on rural untravelled roads. Despite a noticeable lack of fencing in some places I didn't have to share the road with the occasional cows and steers that dotted the landscape.

Submitted by David Salter
"Heavy traffic" somewhere around Lovington, N.M.

Just outside of Lovington, home town of number 54 for the Bears, Brian Urlacher, I picked up 206 which ran straight north through a lot of flat and dry country and presently found myself at the intersection of state roads 206 and 262. It was mid morning and time for a stop so I pulled in to the sandy drive of a little cluster of a few buildings with a single shiny gas pump outside. The sign over the pump said Milnesand Post Office.

I was the the only person around and it started to appear there might be no economic activity because of that but presently a pleasant little lady bustled in the back door apologizing for having to have had to tend to some other matter out back. In the course of paying for a little gas, an ice tea and gazing at post cards displayed right next to motor oil I learned I was speaking to a life long resident of the area who was also the postmaster of the post office, janitor, clerk and owner of the General Store and the only resident of Milnesand, New Mexico, who didn't have to go to some other town to get to work. “It does get quiet here sometimes.” she allowed.

Glad I stopped I mounted up and continued north on 206 leaving the few trees and buildings that comprised that outpost of civilization as quiet as before. I wondered if #54 for the Bears had ever stopped and bought gas at Milnesand.

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