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CruiserWorks On the Road Again!!

This past weekend CruiserWorks had the pleasure of attending the 2012 GWRRA North Carolina District Convention.  We reconnected with old friends, met new friends, listened and shared some of the plans for the future. One of the biggest questions we have gotten is where are you going to be. We have listened, listened some more and reaffirmed that we make boots, and mighty fine ones at that! This was a great weekend! 

This year’s GWRRA NC District Convention was held in our backyard in Concord, NC. We were welcomed back on the road with open arms not only by the event staff but the many CruiserWorks customers and the other vendors at the event. We were pleased and humbled to see so many CruiserWorks boots on rider’s feet. It’s clear that the GWRRA family support CruiserWorks. While we know the quality of our products and history are part of the GWRRA culture and you will see us again and again and again. Many of the customers have had their boots for 5+ years, have over 100,000 miles of dry riding and still going strong. 
The event staff was a pleasure to work with making every effort to make sure we had a successful weekend.  Knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and accessible the whole weekend making sure not only the GWRRA Members had a great time but the vendors had what they needed.  We would like to especially thank Andrew & Vickie Butcher the North Carolina District Directors for all of their assistance. 
Being back on the road we had an opportunity to meet many of the other vendors that travel the rally circuit. Once again we were surprised at the number of vendors that were glad to see us back and happy that we were doing well. The past several years have been tough for everyone and to get the reception we did from our fellow vendors was very encouraging. 
We are definitely looking forward to 2013 and attending many events. We are in the process of reviewing the many different events and determining which ones we will be attending. If you know of or are a part of an event please let us know so we can put it on our list to consider. Even if we aren’t able to attend we will be more than happy to list your event on CruiserWorks.com. Please visit our Forum and let us know where you would like to see us. 
Thanks again to all of the great GWRRA members for making our first trip back out on the road a great experience.  
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