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Reviews Favor CruiserWorks Motorcycle Boots

Reviews Favor CruiserWorks Motorcycle Boots

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Cruiserworks™, nationally known maker of industry-leading motorcycle boots, has been getting a lot of press these days from blogs, high-end cruising magazines, and motorcycle enthusiasts around the globe.

The reviews are in, and Cruiserworks boots are stomping the competition in quality and comfort.

 Headquartered in Salisbury and with a planned move to the Kress Plaza this spring, Cruiserworks recently teamed with Weinbrenner USA to manufacture the highest quality boots in the company's history.

Cruiserworks are officially 100% Made in the USA. Cruiserworks carries three styles of boots for men: Classic Boots, Tour Boots, and the newest addition, Side Zip Boots. 


Kevin Duke of Motorcycle.com said that "the leather has a terrific balance of suppleness and toughness that is often hard to achieve, the same stuff Weinbrenner uses in professional-grade fire boots. And the build quality is nothing short of excellent, devoid of any unfinished detailing and boasting rustproof, nickel-plated hardware."

Duke also points out that "the new Cruiserworks stewards really care about their products and are responsive to advancements that improve them further."

 Cruiserworks boots are made of premium full-grain leather , are equipped with a protective Kevlar lining, and are chemically treated to be weather-resistant. 

Ultimate Motorcycling commented in a Quick Shift Review on the "impeccable stitching and attention to detail" as well as the "luxurious interior" declaring that Cruiserworks are indeed "a premium pair of boots." 


"They are great boots, and as I trudged through the mud and small creeks on the way to Tigre Salvaje," says Ryan Grassley of Half Throttle while on a tour in Panama. "I was very impressed with their ability to keep the water out and my feet dry."


Skip Hunt, world renowned photographer, says that Cruiserworks boots are the first boots he has worn that "live up to their claims."

He says that Cruiserworks boots have "great traction, are comfortable, keep [my] feet dry and are extremely well-made." 
Hunt also says that it is important for him that the boots are manufactured in the United States.

"With so many companies shipping jobs overseas, I want to support one that is keeping the work here, in the US...and the people I have dealt with at Cruiserworks have been the most amazing customer service representatives I think I've ever encountered."

For more information regarding Cruiserworks or to view product reviews, visit CruiserWorks.com or visit them on Facebook at FaceBook.com/CruiserWorks.

This article also available online at www.UltimateMotorcycling.com