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How to Care for Your CruiserWorks™ Boots

With proper care, your Cruiserworks™  boots will give you years of comfort for your individual needs. To keep them in the best shape possible, do not use silicone, petroleum-based oils or polish as they may diminish the weather-resistant properties of your Cruiserworks™  boots. Further weather-resistant treatment is not needed and may, in fact, ruin the quality of your Cruiserworks™  boots.

Our Pecard™ Leather Lotion has been especially designed to repair scuff marks, add shine, moisten the leather and keep your Cruiserworks™  boots looking their best. For proper care, boots should be wiped down with a damp cloth on a regular basis and then, occasionally, Pecard™ Leather Lotion should be applied sparingly.

Cruiserworks™  uses a process that seals the upper leather of the boot to the sole and heel. This bond can be damaged by kicking one boot off with the other boot. Remove your boots by cupping the leather heel area with your hand and pushing. If at all possible, do not "step" on one boot to remove the other.